Commercial Projects

This is a list of projects that I have professionally worked on. The technologies shown in the tags, are not only the ones that this particular project employs, but the ones that I have personally worked with in each product. The list is not exhaustive, but only includes the projects that I'm allowed to disclose.

  • Orfium-for-Artists Suite

    • #react
    • #redux
    • #rxJS
    • #express
    • #microservices
    • #firebase

    Orfium-for-artists is an effort to provide a full-360 experience to indie artists, by providing them with a suite of tools that enable them to promote and push their music to the web. It consists of the a media library that allow an artist to upload & organise their music, a distribution portal to push their music to streaming platforms, an earnings app that reports the monthly revenue from stream & licensing resources & finally an analytics app. It's currently on an alpha release.

  • Orfium Music

    • #react
    • #redux
    • #express
    • #django
    • #memcached
    • #elasticsearch
    • #redis
    • #firebase
    • #docker

    Orfium is a new music platform which combines some of the best features of existing platforms such as SoundCloud, Bandcamp and Beatport, allowing users to share their tracks, promote them and sell downloads. In addition, it promises to introduce a range of interesting new options for music makers and labels, including the payment of streaming royalties and the ability to upload DJ mixes while compensating all artists whose music is included.

  • Edutailors

    • #React
    • #Redux
    • #WebRTC
    • #express
    • #firebase

    Edutailors is an online e-learning platform aimed at bridging the gap between teachers & students across Greece. A student can purchase courses, receive material in the form of documents, watch pre-recorded videos, undertake tests to progress into next chapters & finally attend online classes with live chat. A student can also schedule 1-to-1 sessions with instructors by booking them into their calendar. All that is in-platform.

  • Teletrady

    • #vanillaJS
    • #web components
    • #django

    Teletrady is an mobile-first web platform that acts as a marketplace for carrier data. You can sell any excess data, sms & minutes that you have from your carrier or buy some if you are in need. Your purchases will be instantly delivered to your phone, while your successful sells will translate in direct funds to your bank or paypal account. The project was eventually dropped after running for a few months due to stakeholder limitations.

  • Seraclean CMS

    • #jQuery
    • #Django
    • #Puppeteer

    Seraclean is an ice maker maintenance & quality-control company that needed a way to automate its procedures. What I built was a way to hasten technical reports & automate the creation of certifications and the sending of reports to the associated clients. The partner saw a decrease in overall procedure times by 35-40% after the mini CMS was created.

Open Source & Fun Projects

This is a list of projects that I have either open-sourced or developed for fun. At least they were all "fun" in the beginning...